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Leak Detection Middletown Connecticut

A Useful Plumbing Leak Detection in Middletown Guide

Do you always incur high water bills without understanding why? If so, the following guide will help you uncover the reason behind these hectic amounts. More often than not, the biggest culprit behind this issue comes from water leaks that go undetected. Here is a simple DIY water leak detection in Middletown guide;

1. Check Your Hot Water Heater

A water heater is one of the fixtures in the home that is likely to experience a leakage. It can develop leaks at the fittings or from the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. Apart from that, corrosion can eat through the inside liner thereby resulting in a leakage. How do you detect if your tank is leaky?

It’s simple; just inspect every part of the heater. Carefully check the tank, valves, pipes, and any other part and you will be able to locate the source of the leak.

2. Check Your Furnace Humidifier

Your furnace humidifier requires a continuous supply of water. And just like other plumbing systems, it’s prone to leakage especially if it lacks proper maintenance on a regular basis.

To check if your humidifier is leaking, begin by locating the water line to the humidifier. Trace the line back to the shut-off valve and notice if there is any sign of a leakage. If nothing is wrong with the valve check the humidifier pad for corrosion. Corroded pad is a surefire sign that your humidifier is leaking. You can also check the drain port on the lower side of the machine to see if there is any indication of water coming out.

3. Look for Faucet and Shower Head Leaks

If your hot water heater and humidifier are in perfect condition, you should check all your faucets and shower heads including those that are in the basement as another leak detection step. While faucets generally last longer, they too tend to develop leaks periodically.

Most of the leaks result from old and worn out washers and gaskets. Check if there is water coming out of those components. Also pay attention to your faucet valves and shower valves.

4. Inspect Your Toilets for Leaks

Leaking toilets are the biggest cause of high monthly water bills. They are amongst the most common water wasters in a domestic setup. Some leaks are noticeable whereas others are not so easy to detect. To check for a hidden leak, take the lid off the tank. Making sure the tank is full of water, drop one dye tablet or enough drops of food coloring into it. Wait for a couple of minutes then check the toilet bowl. If the water in it becomes colored, this is a sign that there’s indeed a leak. If you do not notice any color, then it’s an indication that your toilet is not leaking.


Leaking plumbing systems are the biggest cause of high monthly water bills. It pays to check your plumbing fixtures and fittings on a regular basis, making sure to call in a plumbing expert whenever you notice a leakage problem. This Middletown leak detection guide will help you save a lot of cash and maintain your home.


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